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All right! This post was originally going to have a much more pessimistic tone, since I was going to write it before our session with Josh today.  I was incredibly nervous about working out today; I was in fact kind of dreading it. However, I think because the work we did today wasn’t so running-heavy, I fared a lot better than I did the last week. [It also helped that I bought myself a fancy pair of running shoes and some legit exercise apparel.] I haven’t really noticed vast improvements in my core strengthening–we tried to hold the plank position for thirty seconds and I had to drop a knee at one point.  But I did also notice that I didn’t start to cry a little like I did last week.

So, my goals for this week and the upcoming weeks are as follows:

  • Incorporate a serving of fruit and a serving of vegetable with every meal.
  • Cut back my fat intake [bleu cheese, I’m looking at you].
  • Seriously cut back on drinking.
  • Get thirty minutes of cardio–be it on a bike or running–every day.

Don’t snowball after a mistake! Don’t let regret get you down!


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Getting My Ass Kicked

This week was evidently the Hell Week of our training regimen.

Phil and I met with Josh on Monday morning at a public park, which had a track for running [or biking, according to the people who were inexplicably riding their bikes around and around–what do you accomplish with that?!].  Anyway, I personally was not expecting what was to follow: two and a half hours of stretching, core strengthening, agility drills, balance training, and jogging.  And I thought that was intense! I experienced a total endorphin rush afterwards; I felt on top of the world.  A bit sore, but on top of the world.

Then we met again with Josh today.

…I’m not sure I’m ready to talk about it.  Today we did more of what we did on Monday, and a lot of it did seem easier than it had the first time.  The agility drills, jump squats, and core strengthening weren’t as daunting or exhausting.   However, we also did a lot more running [“a lot” is a relative term, because I am certainly the weakest runner of the group], which has definitely proven to be the biggest challenge for me so far.  It was hard for me not to psych myself out and feel defeated, seeing everyone running ahead of me.  I’m sure that my running will improve and I hope that the beginning of this program will be the most difficult, considering that I have the enormous hurdle of years of relative inactivity, poor diet, and recreational drinking to overcome.  Phil and Josh have both said that this is not a competition against anyone but myself, but I can’t help but think that this should come easily to me.  That’s probably because I’ve never really challenged myself physically, so I’m completely unaccustomed to working so hard for so long.

Stay positive! Small steps toward large goals!

I promise my posts will try to stay upbeat and humorous and just to make good on that this time: I totally farted when we were in the plank position.

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Having been educated at a Jesuit high school and a liberal arts college, I feel like I can’t begin this blog without a proper introduction.

I am a twenty five year old female living in Chicago, Illinois.  Those familiar with Chicago winters can identify with the feeling of euphoria one experiences on the first warm day of the year–the first hint of the spring and summer to come after four months in the arctic tundra of a midwest winter.  It was on such a day this year, probably back in mid-March, that I was riding the blue line home and saw an ad for an organization that would train individuals to complete a marathon, half marathon, or triathlon.  I was feeling incredibly optimistic, but I also acknowledged the fact that I’ve never been a strong runner, and so I began to think about competing in a triathlon.

I’m going to take a minute here and address how preposterous this whole idea is.  While I do ride my bike the six miles to and from work, weather permitting, I have not run a mile since I was on cross country in fifth grade.  And in those three meets, I placed second to last [ahead of a girl who looked like she got out of a wheelchair to run the race], then somewhere around tenth to last, and finally somewhere around thirtieth to last–out of probably about one hundred participants.  Furthermore, I can swim, but I don’t have a stroke or anything.  So I’m just going to acknowledge the fact that I am facing an enormously steep learning curve, so to speak.

That being said, I got in touch with both my boyfriend Phil and our friend Josh, who is becoming a physical trainer.  The three of us met over tapas and agreed to begin a roughly twelve week regimen, with Josh training us to prepare for a specific triathlon, to be determined at a later date.

And now the training has begun, and I can begin posting proper blog… posts.

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