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I Feel Like Myself Again

Today I woke up feeling kind of down on myself.  Quite frankly, I’ve been going out a lot and kind of slacking off with my training.  So I was absolutely determined to go running today. The last time I went, which was a week ago, I ran two miles and my heart rate skyrocketed immediately, which is unusual, considering the improvement in my cardiovascular endurance.

Before I left the house, I looked myself and my zit that won’t quit in the mirror and said, “You are going to feel so much better after this run, no matter how well you do or don’t do.” And I was right! I did five miles and it felt fantastic!  Well, it felt fantastic once I got past the first mile.  That one was a bit of a doozie.  But after that I was air-drumming along with my music and crop-dusting high schoolers. I had to stop a couple of times for traffic lights, but whatevs.

Along my run I saw: a kitty cat curled up in a store window; two thrift stores; one pool hall’s marquee that read: “GO BEAR;” a sign that I thought said “Ghost Dogs,” but actually said “Lost Dogs;” two restaurants I now want to try; and some Dog the Bounty Hunter-types letting their German Shepherd run around without a leash.  Awesome.  Look, dog owners–you may think your dog is friendly, but if it does decide to go all Kujo on me, what am I supposed to do? Run faster?  Hope that there’s a climbable tree nearby and that my tree-climbing skills are what they used to be?

Anyway. I’ve never run five miles before.  I guess I felt like it should have been harder? That’s what she said.  But still, it is an accomplishment, and it means I am that much closer to being able to run the 15k.  Did I mention there is a chocolate fountain after the race? For which I am now officially registered?

Also, it’s Phil’s birthday today! Happy birthday, Phil!



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So yesterday Phil and I met Josh at the gym for an introduction to what will become our resistance routine.  Our training for the 15k will involve at least three days of cardio a week [starting at about forty five minutes, working our way up to at least an hour of cardio] and two days of resistance and lifting.  I rocked my Devil’s Challenge t-shirt at the gym and people were like totally respecting me more.

I am definitely sore today.  We started out with planks, side planks, and explosive jumping, doing two sets of each.  Then we did these crazy things where you kneel at one end of a step bench, and bend over it so you’re holding on to the other end.  Then you straighten your legs, raising them out behind you. When I was doing them, the bench started to tip up and Josh had to hold it down.

We moved on to the cable machines, doing, I don’t know, forward rows? We’d take a step forward and push the weights from the side forward and toward the center.  We did two sets of those, coupled with two sets up push-ups.  Only I still can’t do proper push-ups, so I did this modified exercise Josh cooked up, which turned out to be pretty difficult in its own right.

After that, we did some lat pull-downs, and some single-leg rows using free weights.  Those are super hard, because we have to lean really far forward, raising one leg out behind us as high as we can, and then do a row, pulling the weights up towards our chests.

To finish up, Josh had us do a squat assessment, to sort of check out the muscles in our legs.  Turns out both Phil and I are very tight in our outer calves and quads, and we have to make sure to focus on stretching those muscles out because that will be very important as we continue on.

And then we were done!  I begin running on Monday.  Did I mention that there is a chocolate fountain at the end of the race?

Remember to keep those glutes tight when you’re coming back up!

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