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Hello again! Welcome back.

Phil and I took pretty much the entire season off after the Hot Chocolate 15k.  Initially, I had injured my foot, so I couldn’t really exercise, and then it got cold, and then it got really cold, and then there was that huge snowstorm.  We went to the gym a few times, but mostly we just enjoyed our holidays and got kind of fat. I just weighed myself and–although I usually weigh myself first thing in the morning before I’ve eaten anything but after I’ve pooped–it looks like I’ve gained about eight pounds.  And lost a LOT of muscle.

I’ve been really eager to get back in the saddle, as they say, and start training for another triathlon.  Although THIS challenge has a twist: we’re going to complete an International Distance Triathlon this year. That means a one mile swim, a twenty five mile bike ride, and a six mile run. Zounds!

Today was our first session back with Josh. It took me right back to last year–the stupid gabby gabby trainer is still there, thinking she’s hilarious; and the slight-figured Asian dude who runs for like, EVER, evidently got a haircut.  So we did a lot of basic things like planks, high-knees, “exercise disguised as stretching” (callback!), some basic lifting, and we got on the track to do ten forward jumps followed by a one lap sprint (twice). A couple things. One: when we were running through the high-knees I could feel my gut jiggling and at first that really bummed me out. But then I remembered that the same thing happened last year and I was so happy when I could feel my body tone up and lean out. So I have that to look forward to! Blech. If I never use the phrase “gut jiggling” to describe myself again, it will be too soon.  Two: When we went from jumping to sprinting, my legs were like “Whaaaaaaat?! Oh HELL no.” That only lasted for the first few steps but it reminded me how much ground you can lose in just a few months. Third: Those planks were super hard.  Granted, we didn’t just do a one-minute plank. Instead, we would be up for five seconds, down for like, two, and then back up again. The effort it takes to hoist yourself back up again makes a huge difference.  I don’t know how many we did, but it felt like a hundred.

So we’re figuring out a schedule with Josh because all of our lives are super busy right now–for example, I’ll be trying to manage my job, my music booking internship, my two improv teams AND this training. Just thinking about it stresses me out. We’ll be meeting with Josh again on Monday, so you can expect another update! We’ll also be looking into which triathlon we’ll be entering, and I’ll be sure to post it once we decide.

Jump to stability! Make sure your feet are parallel!


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