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Ready For Demolition

All right! The past two weeks we’ve been meeting with Josh on Mondays and Fridays, going through a routine of core and balance work and lifting. Josh has told us we should be doing cardio at least twice a week, but Phil and I had been a little… not so much doing that.

However! This Monday, after we went through our routine with Josh–which was super hard, by the way. Maybe I should explain it. We’ve begun working on something which is called Metabolic Density Training, which doesn’t build bulky muscles, but is rather a way to build endurance and also burn fat.  Josh gives us two exercises–say, a deep-swimmer press and step-ups onto an exercise bench–and we do six reps of each, alternating for twelve minutes.  So we’re basically doing as many sets as we can of each, within twelve minutes.  On Monday we did those two exercises for twelve minutes, and then moved onto lunges alternated with moving from a plank position into a push-up position (on a bosu ball), and also squats alternated with rows.  My hammies and gluts were so sore the rest of the week!

So after we went through that routine, Phil and I  did an interval spin, moving between an elevated heart rate and a more stable heart rate.  And then on Wednesday I went for a run! And then on Friday, we did a crazy, intense spin with Josh and then Phil and I swam! And here’s the thing about the swimming–it was so much better this time around.  Last year I remember never really feeling like I got comfortable in the water; always feeling like I was rushing; choking on water and having to stop.  But that first length I swam was beautiful–I didn’t stop, I didn’t panic, I didn’t get exhausted.  I breathed every three strokes.  Moreover, I didn’t have to rest for nearly as long as I used to–Phil and I swam nine laps in twenty minutes.  I still have to work on keeping my head and shoulders in alignment with my hips and legs, but hey.  I’m just glad I felt comfortable in the water for once.

We still haven’t found a race that’s the distance we want and within our price range.  We’ll keep looking, though! Also, our training is going to see a major shift because I got a new job, which will keep me in more of a nine-to-five schedule, while Phil works nights and Josh typically has clients all day.  But I am determined to forge ahead!

Out of the seat! Hard as you can!


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